Retro Country Quiz

Hello country friends!

Think you know all about Country music? Then why not take this little country quiz! The answers you will find below. No Googling! Let me know in the comments how many you scored. – No cheating!

Country Quiz Questions
1.Who had a number 1 hit in 1965 with ‘King of the road’.
2. What year was Kenny Chesney’s ‘No shoes, no shirt no problem’ released?
3. How many number 1 singles have Alabama had.?
4. In what year did Jimmie Rodgers die?
5. In what year was Dolly Parton born?
6. In what year was Dolly Parton inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame?
7. What is Brad Paisley’s real name?
8. What year was Brad Paisley born?
9. What was Brad Paisley’s 1999 debut album called?
10. Who sang ‘Ode to Billy Joe’ in 1967?
11. Who sang ‘Lookin’ for love’ in 1980?
12. What number did ‘Lookin for love’ reach in the US Hot Country Songs chart?
13. Who had a number 1 hit with ‘Big Bad John’ in 1961
14. What year was Dwight Yoakam born?
15. What was Dwight Yoakams 1997 Christmas Album called?
16. From what album did Bob Dylan’s ‘I’ll be your baby tonight’ come from?
17. Who did Bob Dylan duet with on ‘I’ll be your baby tonight’?
18. What is the top selling country album of all time?
19. What is the second top selling country album of all time?
20. What year was ‘Better things to do’ by Terri Clark’ released?


Country Quiz Answers
1.Roger Millar
2. 2002
3. 21
4. 1933
5. 1946
6. 1999
7. Brad Douglas Paisley
8. 1972
9. Who Needs Pictures
10. Bobby Gentry
11. Johnnie Lee
12. Number 1
13. Jimmie Dean
14. 1956
15. Come On Christmas
16. John Wesley Harding
17. Johnnie Cash
18. ‘Come on over’ Shania Twain
19. No Fences’ Garth Brooks
20. 1995