From Friends To Lovers

From Friends to Lovers - Cover

From Friends To Lovers

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Two friends who have been friends since they were little.

Alex has been dating the same person since she was eighteen.


When Alex finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her and she breaks up with him, she leans on Anthony to help get over it. Not only that, but he helps her to protect herself in a way that does not send Anthony to jail.

After Anthony and Alex are both single, they decide that they need a break and take a two-week vacation to a warm, wet destination that helps them to recharge their batteries.

Two weeks of dancing and just spending time with each other, the unexpected happens. Alex and Anthony do what has always just lurked around the corner for them.

How does it work out for Anthony and Alex?

Pick up From Friends to Lovers to find out how it all works out for Alex and Anthony and what their future holds.